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Gary Grant
space Award-winning yacht designer, Gary Grant, internationally recognized for his brilliant aerodynamic, sculptural elements and formed glass surfaces which have become the signature of his work turns an educated eye to his other love – painting.

As a designer with more than 3 decades experience, Gary knows the importance of a thoughtful, detailed design process and approaches yacht design as ART, as kinetic sculpture with form and composition.“My first design tool remains a #2 Ticonderoga pencil”.

Among the awards and honors Gary has received are:
• “Technical Knockout” This project stands out not only for tits present-day splendor, but also because it hasinfluenced and dramatically altered subsequent designs—and has led to the creation of an entirely new class of vessel”; Robb Report
• “Superyacht of the Year 2014” Finalist.
• “Top 3 Yacht Designers in the World”; Robb Report
• ‘Most Innovative Design’: Showboat International“
• “Worlds 10 Fastest Yachts’, Boat International

Identifying himself always as an artist, his work received early attention including exhibiting at SAM (Seattle Art Museum) while still in High School.Gary went on to receive and study art on full art scholarship.Upon graduation he served in the military, where his training and creative ability were utilized in graphic presentations and analysis. Gary continued his education in both art and industrial design, working in illustration, naval architecture and yacht design. He worked with Seattle based architects and opened his own design firm in 1982. His early designs include the iconic SV Norseman 535, and the SV Norseman 400 - production vessels that are still highly regarded today as high performance, stunningly beautiful craft.In the power and mega yacht category his designs, without exception, have received awards and industry recognition; these include: Margaux, Adler II, Crazy Me, the turbine powered Thermal Runaway to name a few.

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