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Linnea Pergola
space Linnea Pergola currently resides in Los Angeles with her
son and golden retriever. She was born and
raised in Los Angeles and received her degree from California State University at Northridge
in History.

Linnea began to travel extensively throughout Europe, Russia, Scandinavia after graduating, and was with the Peace Corps in the Philippines.
She tries to convey her experiences through her art. Recently she traveled alone to the Amazon in Peru to take photos and paint, and that experience left an indelible mark on her. She hopes to return to the Amazon to paint.
Her work is very colorful and often times whimsical. She paints serene landscapes to busy city scenes in oils, watercolors and pastels. Linnea has had many highly successful art shows throughout the United States and Switzerland.
Linnea's work can be seen in the art history textbook "Art: A Community Connection" by Eldon Kattar and Marilyn Stewart published in May 2000.
Her works have also been featured in the Los Angeles "City Of Angels" project
Linnea  Pergola - Urban Race
"Urban Race"


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