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space Eugenio’s passion for American culture and family permeates his art so much that he is often referred to as the Neo-Pop Norman Rockwell.

Born in Salerno, Italy, Eugeno graduated from the University of Salerno and has exhibited his work extensively throughout Italy. His is a classically trained artist and has also studied the ancient art of Japanese Sumi brush painting. While working for Gucci and Fendi in Italy, he developed his dazzling sense of color and design. With Eugenio’s simplified style and vibrant colors he creates familiar narratives which reflect life in America.

His studio is on the edge of NY’s bustling SOHO district and it is here that the city’s everyday sights and sounds come together to inspire him. He is a collector of images and has often stated “The ideas for my art come from the daily life around me, from the people on the street, TV shows, and the colorful array of products on supermarkets shelves.”

The art of Eugenio represents a resurgence of the Pop Spirit, art that people enjoy and want to live with. Eugenio’s growing popularity is attributed to his ability to create images that are exciting, provocative and FUN!
 Eugenio - Slice of Life
"Slice of Life"

 Eugenio - Candy Store
"Candy Store"

 Eugenio - Bull


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