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Celebrating 31 Years in Business

Exhibitions 2016

January............Year in Review  
February .........Kathleen Hooks  
March............. Alvar
April.................Harold Nelson - Mark Skullerud
May..................Svetlana Shalygina
June..................TLori-ann Latremouille  
July...................Jaime Ellsworth
August............. Ray Pelley   
September........Dan Larsen  
October............Chen Jin  
November........To Be Announced  
December.........The Art of Dr. Seuss
Weekly Update  July 11 - July 18

Jaime Ellsworth
"Funny Bunny Buddy" - New Paintings

Gallery II
Held over works by

Front Window Gallery
Held over works by
Lori-ann Latremouille - "

Vestibule Showcases - The Art of Dr. Seuss and Bob Minuzzo

The Seuss Gallery - New framed works by Dr. Seuss

Modern Masters Gallery
Always a small but select collection of Modern works.

New Works in:
1 new painting by Holland-Berkeley
9 new paintings by Rodrigo - Landscapes
Several new small to medium abstracts by Mamie Joe Rayburn.
A small assortment of Flintstone Sericels and a few Warner Bros. Etchings of Daffy and Pepe!
Jiang - Wealth, Lovevand Health Giclees on Canvas
Pieter van Veen - South Rose Window at Chartres $42,500
A variety of Dr. Seuss prints including the newest release
"Green Cat in Uleaborg Finland Subway" $1895 unframed


Dr. Seuss on display everyday.
Please use us as your Dr. Seuss Headquarters when searching for work on the web or in the gallery.

In the News:

"ART IS NOT A LUXURY".  We continue to weather a difficult economy, but can't do it without your help as collectors and patrons and hope that you will continue to look to us as your "Art Source" for your collecting or decorating needs. We have sacrificed a lot to stay in this great community of Kirkland and look forward to the next 20 years. Come out and be a part of it.

Previous Posts
GNG goes to China

Global Economy comes to the gallery by way of our newest adventure into selling artwork.

China has recently been a very active participant in global art purchasing as well as art production and Sotheby's has set new records for work created in China.

Chinese collectors are salivating for western work with a passion and we wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to share in that. With this in mind we decided to participate in an art exhibition in Shenzhen China on May 16th and test the market for supporting our artists and the gallery.
This was a very exciting opportunity to share some of our stable of artist’s work with a world market and see how they are received.    

While it is impossible to take our entire stable we have selected 5 artists to start with and I have shipped 20 works to the show. I went to HK and Shenzhen on the 14th of May for a quick 6 day trip to facilitate the work shipped and acclimate myself to a new environment.

The art exhibit was fascinating and without a doubt a great experience for us and we were even able to sell some paintings with the prospect of more in the future.

Artists to watch should their popularity increase overseas are:   Ray Pelley, Brad Caplis, Victor Karnaukh and Liang Wei.

Maybe you would like to add their work to your collection before the rest of the world finds them and makes their work more difficult to collect...

Join us for A VERNISSAGE every SECOND WEDNESDAY with a New Exhibit and Artist Reception 6-8pm  

Free Parking at Bellevue Place

Be sure to check our website or get on our mailing list for special “Wednesday Night”Meet the Artist Receptions and other Special Events that are on a little more personal level. It is a great time…come on out!
Miscellaneous News

January - Long  time arts patron and gallery collector, Mary Shirley passed away after a short illness.
Mary and her husband John (former President of Microsoft) have been significant arts patrons in the Northwest and have amassed a collection or art that ranks tops in the world.
Their collection of contemporary works from Chuck Close to Alexander Calder are impressive even to the museum world and are often shared. She will be missed.

April - Another gallery patron and Northwest Art Collector, Dorothy Oberto has passed away unexpectedly.
Dorothy was a great friend to our gallery and her bright and festive fashion sense  along with her dead pan humor will be missed terribly.

Congratulations to Jaime Ellsworth for her inclusion into "100 Artists of the Northwest" by E. Ashely Rooney.

The works of 100 contemporary artists interpret and provide a fresh look at the artistic vibrancy of the Northwest region of the United States. The states of Oregon and Washington are rich with artists, having become vital art scenes in the past several decades. Using sculpture, glass, oil, clay, wood, and other contemporary mediums, as well as paint, these 21st century artists combine, redesign, and transform their materials into pieces of works that change the way we perceive both the regions of the Northwest and the world. With a guide to galleries, sculpture parks, museums, and schools, this book is a wonderful resource for lovers of all art mediums

E. Ashley Rooney, of Lexington, Massachusetts, has written several art books; this is her fifth in the "100 Artists" series. She has established a solid reputation for her architectural, design, and historical works.

See You In The Funny Papers

My mother always said “see you in the funny papers” and alas, she finally saw me there. On Mother’s Day May 13, 2001, The Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery appeared nationally in a wonderful 3 panel Sunday edition of the comic strip Ziggy by Tom Wilson. In the title panel, Ziggy is looking up at his home’s blank walls with his dog, exclaiming “Our house is lacking artistic ambience” In the next panel, Ziggy says “… We need some art in here”  “…art is one of the essentials of life!”  “FOOD, WATER, SHELTER and ART” he exclaims with arms waving. The third panel has a very distinguished art dealer standing in a gallery talking to Ziggy “…Welcome to the Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery…is there anything I can show you?” Ziggy answers “…yes, I’d like to see something in a paisley to match my sofa!!” The very distinguished art dealer only sighs and of course finds Ziggy exactly what he was looking for. We are never too stuffy to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Ziggy has a new book out as of November 2003, Ziggy Goes Hollywood features many of his most recent successful comic strips....and yes....we made the cut. Read the Gallery comic on page 114. Wouldn't that make a great gift?

Many thanks for that great plug to our friend Tom Wilson and Tom II for their support and great comic strip.
Matisse Sold!

Yes, “Matisse” the mistress of the gallery has been sold and is off to a new home in Southern California. Those of you that know Gunnar and his love for sailing will agree that it was a sad day to see Matisse leave her slip at Moss Bay. Matisse was a lovely 1968 30’ Shields daysailer that had been a welcome addition to the gallery and it’s clients for many years. Easily the prettiest boat on the lake, she was sailed often and she is going to be missed. She is going to join her own kind in a fleet of other Shields at Orange Coast College and The University of California at Irvine and will be well taken care of. Happy sailing Matisse!

Vernissage is the newest addition to the Gallery's collection of beautiful women. As was Matisse, Vernissage is also a vintage 1968 daysailer, but a Soling. Designed in Norway for use in the Olympics as a One Design racing boat between 1972 and 2000, the Soling is light and fast, but not nearly as comfortable as the Shields was. Vernissage is a demanding boat and makes you work for a sail, but she still fashions herself quite sporty while maintaining the status of one of the prettiest boats on the lake. We do love our beautiful women in the gallery.
I believe this winter's project on her will be to alter her "racing" mentality and mature her into a comfortable daysailer with new seats and most needed beverage holders...She might even change her color from Navy Blue to a brilliant Yellow...Would that make her a blond?
Stay tuned....
Whimsical Work Sells Well

Thom Ross' career is in fast mode with new shows, guest lectures, magazine articles and general public appeal. He has had a fabulous couple of years of sold out shows, International attention and the release of the newest version of Owen Wister’s book “The Virginian” which is illustrated by Ross. The 100th Anniversary Edition that was recently published by the Buffalo Bill Memorial Association in Cody Wyoming.  The book is available from the Buffalo Bill Memorial Association, Buffalo Bill Historical Center  720 Sheridan Ave.   Cody  Wyoming  82414
Art isn’t a Luxury

With the economy in the country being somewhat less than we are use to, Bellevue in general seems to be holding its own. Our move to Bellevue Place in November 2008 has proven to be just what the doctor ordered. While we will always love Kirkland, this new location has increased our business over the previous year and kept us afloat during these difficult times.
If you haven't made it in yet to see our new space, it is fantastic with positive feng shui and great energy, not to mention incredible art and FREE PARKING.
Coming in the New Year, new artists, favorite old artists and more sculpture are inline for 2013 -2014
Remember…”Art isn’t a Luxury”