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Kim Walker    more about the artist
space Painting allows me the quiet and thoughtful internal dialogue that refreshes my spirit.For me, there is no greater beauty than what is already in our midst.It can be seen in every aspect of nature, from the tiniest grain of sand to the outreaches of the universe.My artwork takes me on a spiritual journey as I seek and collect natural elements, which I then incorporate into each of my paintings.I believe nature provides a pathway to peace. A fantastic transition happens when we go from our busy daily lives to being embraced by the loving arms of "Mother Earth".There is something incredibly heartwarming about being immersed in a natural environment.This uplifting feeling happens whether walking through a park, swimming in the surf, hiking in the desert or forest, gazing up at the stars at night, or feeling the warmth of the sun or the softness of a breeze on your skin.Those are just a few examples.Even if your day allows only brief moments to take in the wonder of the intricate beauty of a flower petal or a leaf or to experience a view into nature from your window- it all has the potential to touch our lives in a profoundly spiritual and positive way.My feeling is that the gifts found in nature are universal and comforting and inspiring for all people.Therefore, by including natural elements in my artwork, my desire is to reverently provide another way to experience this beauty and what it represents in a new and unexpected realm.

Most compositions are painted on birch panels.Framed works incorporate either domestic or exotic woods from all parts of the world.I treasure both the symbolic and the tangible connections of using these woods as the foundation or framework of my paintings.My art comes to fruition through a variety of processes, both additive and subtractive, as well as by utilizing numerous mediums.The combination of natural elements as well as mediums such as acrylics, pastes, and polyurethane, to name a few, allow numerous textures and nuances throughout the many layers in each painting.Many of my processes have been developed over years of experimentation and evolution, and yet some seem to take on a life of their own with the creation of each new composition.

Poetry is another integral part of my art.Greatly inspired by the insights and wisdom of life’s experiences, along with many metaphoric lessons found in nature, I feel that the two go hand in hand.Therefore, my paintings also include an original poem that is handwritten on the back of each composition.I once read in a book by Rebecca Wells, “use everything in your life to create your art”.This intention is at the heart of my paintings and my poetry.Thank you for taking the time to really look at my art and to feel the connections

Kim Walker - Deeper Connections III
"Deeper Connections III"

Kim Walker - Awareness III
"Awareness III"

Kim Walker - Beacons of Hope
"Beacons of Hope"

Kim Walker - Gravity II
"Gravity II"

Kim Walker - Engaging Enigma
"Engaging Enigma"

Kim Walker - Internal Dialogue VII
"Internal Dialogue VII"

Kim Walker - Heart and Soul
"Heart and Soul"

Kim Walker - Aimless Wanderer
"Aimless Wanderer"

Kim Walker - Internal Dialogue
"Internal Dialogue "

Kim Walker - Hunger VIII
"Hunger VIII"

Kim Walker - Intense I
"Intense I"

Kim Walker - Intense II
"Intense II"

Kim Walker - Intense III
"Intense III"

Kim Walker - Intense IV
"Intense IV"

Kim Walker - Anonymous I
"Anonymous I "

Kim Walker - Anonymous II
"Anonymous II"

Kim Walker - Anonymous III
"Anonymous III"

Kim Walker - Anonymous IV
"Anonymous IV"

Kim Walker - Fairness

Kim Walker - May I have this Dance
"May I have this Dance"

Kim Walker - Beauty V
"Beauty V"

Kim Walker - Empathy II
"Empathy II"

Kim Walker - Heart of Gold
"Heart of Gold"

Kim Walker - Bloom II
"Bloom II"

Kim Walker - Happy Day
"Happy Day"

Kim Walker - Beauty III
"Beauty III"

Kim Walker - Estrella

Kim Walker - Wishful Thinking
"Wishful Thinking"

Kim Walker - Love's Intention
"Love's Intention"

Kim Walker - Joyful II
"Joyful II"

Kim Walker - Humanity

Kim Walker - Days End
"Days End"

Kim Walker - Sunrise

Kim Walker - Altruistic Love
"Altruistic Love"

Kim Walker - Offerings

Kim Walker - Unquestioning Trust
"Unquestioning Trust"

Kim Walker - Guardian Angels
"Guardian Angels"

Kim Walker - Peace on Earth
"Peace on Earth"

Kim Walker - Show Up
"Show Up"


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