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Milo Duke
space Milo Duke was born at Wahiawa, Hawaii and was raised in Japan, Hawaii, and various other places in the United States. He graduated from the University of Nebraska in 1970, and from the University of Washington School of Law in 1978. He is a self-taught artist who finished his art education at the Academy of Realist Art in Seattle. He has exhibited his paintings and prints in the Northwest, California, Nebraska, New Mexico and Pennsylvania for the past thirty years. He is currently an instructor in Seattle Washington.

My pictures are inspired by the search for a narrative mythical image that resonates with our times. The oil paintings are made using a multi-layered technique on canvas. The woodcuts are printed on fine Japanese papers using waterbased inks. The watercolors are painted with transparent pigments on fine European papers. My short fiction is based on what I see in my pictures. I believe that technique should serve vision, and I believe that the better the technique, the better it will serve.
Milo Duke - House Finches
"House Finches"

Milo Duke - Bluebird and Warbler - (L)  Diptych with Yellow Throat
"Bluebird and Warbler - (L) Diptych with Yellow Throat"

Milo Duke - Yellowthroat - (R) Diptych with Bluebird and Warbler
"Yellowthroat - (R) Diptych with Bluebird and Warbler"

Milo Duke - Three Goldfinch
"Three Goldfinch"

Milo Duke - Three Purple Finches
"Three Purple Finches"

Milo Duke - Two Firetails
"Two Firetails"

Milo Duke - Blue Tits
"Blue Tits"

Milo Duke - Two Bullfinch
"Two Bullfinch "

Milo Duke - Tyrant

Milo Duke - Misto Yellow Finch and Scarlett Tyrant
"Misto Yellow Finch and Scarlett Tyrant"

Milo Duke - Chickadees

Milo Duke - Two Willow Tits
"Two Willow Tits"

Milo Duke - Junco

Milo Duke - Long Tail Tit
"Long Tail Tit"

Milo Duke - Ruby Crowned Kinglets
"Ruby Crowned Kinglets"


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