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Harold Nelson
space Harold Nelson was born in the upper Midwest in the middle of the Twentieth century.He worked in the federal bureaucracy for most of his adult life, all the while creating art and soaking up images and influences in his free time.
In 2005 he escaped the day job world and moved to Port Townsend where he intends to make art for the rest of his time on earth.
Nelsonís medium is paper collage. His process is slow, intuitive and improvisational.Using bits of paper, he tries to create new images that he sometimes cannot even conceive of at the outset. He lets each piece happen and uses whatever mix of the abstract and figurative image or fractured view that will lead to the best outcome.His works are meant to be looked at from a distance as well as from close up and provide different visual rewards from varying perspectives.
Harold Nelson - Red Helicopter
"Red Helicopter"

Harold Nelson - Earthly Delights and the Giant Pink Waffle Ball
"Earthly Delights and the Giant Pink Waffle Ball"

Harold Nelson - Still with Donuts
"Still with Donuts"

Harold Nelson - Martha and the Green Rubber Gloves
"Martha and the Green Rubber Gloves"

Harold Nelson - Mr. Skeleton Drives the Bus
"Mr. Skeleton Drives the Bus"

Harold Nelson - Angels

Harold Nelson - How Martha Stewart's Apron Unfolds in my Life
"How Martha Stewart's Apron Unfolds in my Life"

Harold Nelson - Big Yacht
"Big Yacht"

Harold Nelson - Entropy Can Be Fun
"Entropy Can Be Fun"

Harold Nelson - Joan Mitchell National Park
"Joan Mitchell National Park"

Harold Nelson - 9% Better
"9% Better"

Harold Nelson - Radio City
"Radio City"

Harold Nelson - Arrangement in Blue and Green
"Arrangement in Blue and Green"

Harold Nelson - Bolted Foundation
"Bolted Foundation"

Harold Nelson - Everything Happens for a Reason
"Everything Happens for a Reason"

Harold Nelson - Flotilla on the Bay
"Flotilla on the Bay"

Harold Nelson - Improvisation in Red and White with Donunt
"Improvisation in Red and White with Donunt"

Harold Nelson - Martha's World
"Martha's World"

Harold Nelson - Paddling for Donuts
"Paddling for Donuts"

Harold Nelson - Rush Hour
"Rush Hour"

Harold Nelson - The Big Picture
"The Big Picture"

Harold Nelson - The Great Outdoors
"The Great Outdoors"

Harold Nelson - The Tower and the Mountain 2001-2009
"The Tower and the Mountain 2001-2009"

Harold Nelson - Building the Museum of the Color White
"Building the Museum of the Color White"

Harold Nelson - Red Collage
"Red Collage"

Harold Nelson - In the Dark
"In the Dark"

Harold Nelson - The Blue Towers
"The Blue Towers"

Harold Nelson - Visual Imput with Conventional Sweet Spot
"Visual Imput with Conventional Sweet Spot"

Harold Nelson - The Shoreline
"The Shoreline"

Harold Nelson - Nude #6
"Nude #6"

Harold Nelson - Cruise Ship Races
"Cruise Ship Races"

Harold Nelson - Green Landscape with Elephants
"Green Landscape with Elephants"


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