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R. John (Bob) Ichter    more about the artist
space R.John Ichter is an award-winning artist who is quickly captivating the art scene wherever his work is shown. Also known as "Bob" to his friends, Ichter's romantic pastels are richly colored and hand-rubbed onto lushly textured black suede archival board. The strengths of Ichter’s pastels include vibrant, saturated colors and strong compositions. According to Ichter, each piece is designed to evoke a certain time of day and to transport the viewer to another place.
Autumn and dusk are favorite themes, which have been inspired by landscapes from around the world.

You may find yourself gazing into the rolling hills of the French countryside, strolling along a windy Normandy beach, exploring a pathway through a North Carolina Blue Ridge forest, gazing at a dragonfly resting upon a patch of waterlillies in Claude Monet's gardens at Giverny or floating along the river Seine. Be it sunrise, sunset or a full moonlit night, you are certain to want to return again and again.

Investors and collectors range from well known celebrities to Fortune 500 companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Equifax, Bank of America and Accenture .

Al Alshuler, editor of Design South Magazine, writing in a feature article, called Ichter “an undeniable talent” and his paintings “real show stoppers”.
Ichter lives in the Little Five Points section of Atlanta, a very “ Bohemian” area, where he just built a new house and studio. In his spare time he trains and teaches in a form of martial arts called Cuong Nhu. His hobbies include golf and raising tropical fish and the orchids found in some of his paintings.
R. John (Bob) Ichter - Serenity II
"Serenity II"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Treasure Island
"Treasure Island"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Stolen Gazes
"Stolen Gazes"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Raven in a Snowstorm
"Raven in a Snowstorm"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Mandarin Duck
"Mandarin Duck"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - A Walk with Her
"A Walk with Her"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Male and Female Cardinals
"Male and Female Cardinals"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Amber Dreams
"Amber Dreams"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Blues at Sunset
"Blues at Sunset"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
"The Moon is a Harsh Mistress"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Sonoma Moon Dance
"Sonoma Moon Dance"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Dragonfly 10-073
"Dragonfly 10-073"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Dragonfly - Red
"Dragonfly - Red"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Dragonflies

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Dragonfly 10-066
"Dragonfly 10-066"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Until the Night
"Until the Night"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Sonoma Dance
"Sonoma Dance"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Gold Ranchu Goldfish in Black Bowl
"Gold Ranchu Goldfish in Black Bowl"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Lavender and Gold Ranchu Goldfish in Oval Bowl
"Lavender and Gold Ranchu Goldfish in Oval Bowl"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - White Koi in Bowl
"White Koi in Bowl"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Rooster

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Hold On
"Hold On"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Hummingbirds

R. John (Bob) Ichter - It's Complicated I
"It's Complicated I"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - In an Autumn Mood
"In an Autumn Mood"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Let it Snow
"Let it Snow"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - First Circles
"First Circles"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Building a Mystery
"Building a Mystery"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - And Everywhere We Went
"And Everywhere We Went"

R. John (Bob) Ichter - Lucia's Secret
"Lucia's Secret"


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