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Julia Ross
space (Born 1955, Sausalito, California) Lives and works in Novato, California.
California College of the Arts, 1978 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Oakland, CA
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
Art Student League, New York, NY
Humboldt State University, Arcata, CA

My art is inspired from light falling on a mountain seam, the greens of the ocean waves, the visual tug of the heart at dusk. It is through the close observation of nature that my inspiration is ignited and fueled. Painting continues to free my imagination and provide many opportunities for questions to be answered through the medium, for happy accidents and grace to influence the final piece.

As a small girl my love of fly-fishing started on camping trips and spawned a deep love of nature throughout my life. Show me the silver flash of a fish rising to a fly, the hover of the hawk, or a view from a dusty trail; it's all good information, all fodder for the soul of an artist.

Holding with traditional methods and materials in watercolor at once allows me to explore the boundaries of the medium with freedom and confidence. Graphite, brush, pigment, water and paper are the tools that I use to build my paintings and reflect my inner world outwardly.

Beyond that it helps me keep one foot off the banana peel and the other out of the therapistsí office!

Julia Ross - Diagram of a Dream
"Diagram of a Dream"

Julia Ross - Three Flies
"Three Flies"

Julia Ross - Pixalated Rainbow Trout
"Pixalated Rainbow Trout"


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